With awesome suspension, ease of operation, undeniable durability and camouflaged for its surroundings, our UTV is the perfect vehicle for an amazing ride with family or friends.

An UTV (utility task vehicle) is a small 2-6 person four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, also called side-by-side (often written as SxS). In short, waaaayyy more fun than your average quad (ATV), safer, more comfortable and provides a shared experience!

It operates much like a car, with features such as: A steering wheel, 1000cc 4-stroke V-Twin, 4×4, gas pedal, best suspension in class, full roll cage, 4-wheel hydraulic disc front & rear brakes, 4 bucket seats, seat belts, cup holders, storage space, 2 Piece removable windshield and roof.

When it comes to bookings, all rides are weather permitting and (even though we’ll take any excuse to start her engine up!) we would recommend you always have a look at the weather first to avoid disappointment. Have a look at our cancellation policy here.

Dust and cool air will naturally be a part of your ride, as this is an open vehicle. So suggested attire includes glasses, buffs, warm jacket, preferably dark or clothes that can (and will!) get dirty.

If you booked spontaneously and need these items, we can always make a plan – just ask! After all, this family friendly – yet exciting ride is a recommended experience and we want to make it one you will enjoy and tell all your friends about!